Graduate seminar on quiver varieties, Spring 2015

The MIT-NEU grad student Representation theory seminar is back again, and this is not a joke!!! This semester we are discussing various things somehow related to Nakajima quiver varieties (please, don't bring arrows to the seminar).

Running approximately once per week on Tuesdays alternating between MIT and Northeastern:

MIT, 56-154, 5-8pm w. pizza break.

NEU, 509 LA, 5-7.20pm w. pizza break.

The first meeting will be at MIT, Feb 3.

Organized by Pavel Etingof (still the Boss) and Ivan Losev.

The seminar will consist of four parts:

1) February: preparation to lectures by Raphael Rouquier (UCLA), on Feb 23-27. Webpage.

2) March: preparation to lectures by Andrei Okounkov (Columbia), on Mar 16-20. Webpage.

3) Some discussions. Details TBA.

4) May: Preparation for lectures by Dmitry Kaledin (Steklov Institute), on May 11-16. Followed by an active participation in this event.

Preparation to Rouquier's lectures.

Feb 3, MIT, 56-154, 5-8pm:

Yi Sun (MIT), Introduction to Rational Cherednik algebras. Notes.

Ivan Losev (NEU), Cherednik algebras at T=0 and Calogero-Moser spaces, Notes.

Feb 13, 5.05pm-7pm, at MIT, room E17-139.:

Seth Shelley-Abrahamson (MIT), Baby Verma modules for Rational Cherednik algebras, Notes.

Feb 17, NEU, 509 LA, 5-7.20pm

Siddharth Venkatesh (MIT), Kazhdan-Lusztig cells, notes.

Ivan Losev (NEU), Quiver varieties vs Calogero-Moser spaces, Hand-written notes.

The week of Feb 23-27: Rouquier's lectures, NEU, West Village G 104, TRF, 4-6pm.
Preparation to Okounkov's lectures. Mar 3, MIT, 56-154, 5-8pm:

Ryan Mickler (NEU), Equivariant Algebraic K-theory. Notes.

Mar 10, no seminar (NEU Spring break), everybody watches movies!

Mar 17,19,20: Okounkov's lectures at NEU.

Mar 24, no seminar (MIT Spring break).

Mar 31, MIT, 56-154, 5-8pm:

Boris Tsvelikhovskiy (NEU), Gieseker moduli space as a Nakajima quiver variety, notes.


Apr 14, NEU, 509 LA, 5-7.20pm:

Gus Lonergan (MIT), Nakajima quiver varieties.

Apr 21, no seminar, MIT has no classes.

Apr 28, MIT, 56-154, 5-8pm:

Gus Lonergan (MIT), Nakajima quiver varieties,cont'd.

Barbara Bolognese (NEU), Introduction to Hodge theory, I.

May 5, NEU, 509LA, 5-8pm:

Barbara Bolognese (NEU), Introduction to Hodge theory, I.

May 8, MIT, E17-139, 3-?pm

Barbara Bolognese (NEU), Introduction to Hodge theory, I, cont'd.

Emanuele Macri (NEU), Introduction to Hodge theory, II.