Boston Consortium


The Boston Environmental Justice Consortium is committed to expanding environmental justice academic opportunities in all disciplines for both students and scholars, resulting in greater scholarship and effective social action in low-income and minority communities. Made up of EJ scholars, professionals, advocates, policy-makers, and governmental environmental officials from the Greater Boston Area, the consortium  aims to produce joint academic and community-based research projects of service to the Boston-area EJ community.  It also aims to increase interest in environmental justice among faculty and students from diverse backgrounds, especially those at community colleges and minority serving institutions.

Designing a Unique Model of Education and Social Action:

  • The Consortium provides a forum from which communities can outline their greatest environmental issues with the realistic expectation that scholars can provide the scientific, economic and legal support to produce outcomes that reflect the concerns and interests of EJ communities;
  • The Consortium provides a forum for current and future faculty to examine conceptual and theoretical areas of environmental justice study and to propose and explore emerging trends and solutions in the field.  These trends and solutions become part of applied theory in the form of community advocacy support consistent with community needs.
  • The Consortium draws from academic leaders to design and host workshops and symposiums to discuss research in the field.  The aim is to produce and reinforce strong environmental justice curriculums, participate in interdisciplinary coursework, and develop leadership among faculty through a range of mentoring programs.


Organization and Membership:

  • Organizational membership is comprised of community-based organizations, residents, academic institutions, government agencies and anyone willing to support the tenants of the Consortium.
  • The Consortium meets on a monthly basis.


How to Become Involved:

To join the Boston EJ Consortium, contact Deborah Brown at