Groups & Organizations

The New England Environmental Justice Forum: NEEJF is the sponsor of EJRN, and is comprised of organizations and individuals working on EJ issues across New England.  The core partners are Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE) and the Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island.  NEEJF is working to create a structured way for EJ activists and professionals in the region to come together, to share ideas, and learn from each others.  NEEJF also brings together activists from southern New England to regular trainings held in Boston and Hartford, as well as for conferences and the New England EJ Summits.

Alternatives for Community and Environment: ACE builds the power of communities of color and low-income communities in Massachusetts to eradicate environmental racism and classism, create healthy, sustainable communities, and achieve environmental justice.

Coming Clean: Coming Clean is a collaborative of environmental health and justice experts working to reform the chemical and energy industries so they are no longer a source of harm. Our members include 200 organizations and 350 individual experts in community organizing, business, science, medicine, environmental justice, policy, and other critical areas. Together we are winning campaigns for a healthy, just, sustainable society and growing a stronger, more diverse, and better prepared movement.

Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice: The mission of Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice is to protect urban environments primarily in Connecticut through educating communities, through promoting changes in local, state, and national policy, and through promoting individual, corporate and governmental responsibility towards our environment.

Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island: The EJ League is a non-profit organization led by Rhode Island residents who care deeply about our neighborhoods, the health of our children and ourselves, and who have come together to improve the environments where we live, work, and play.

Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative: NEJRC is made up of scholars dedicated to building a more transformative environmentalism in the United States and around the world. Based at Northeastern University, NEJRC Associates collaborate with policy makers, elected officials, environmental advocates, foundation officials, scholars, students, community activists, the media, and the general public to provide timely research and commentary on critical social and environmental justice issues, and to promote an alternative political ecology for the new millennium.  NEJRC serves as the host working group for the New England EJ Research Network (EJRN).

Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute:  Based at Northeastern University, the Mission of SSEHRI is to conduct social science-oriented research, teaching, community engagement, and policy work in the area of environmental health and justice.