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Reduced size version of recruitment poster from October 2020

We are participating in the Showcase of Opportunities for Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor (SOURCE) virtual poster session You can view our poster here and register through SOURCE to chat with us. If you are interested in working with us, complete one of these short forms to register interest or apply for a position.

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Research Assistants Wanted!

The Computational Modeling in Chemical Engineering (CoMoChEng) group at Northeastern University is hiring undergraduate research assistants! (also MS and PhD students and a PostDoc) Please complete a form to register interest or apply for a position.

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NSF Funding for Cantera Development

The CoMoChEng group at Northeastern University is part of a collaborative effort to further develop and support the successful and popular open-source modeling software Cantera, a suite of tools for problems involving chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, and transport processes. Together, we recently secured $2.5m funding from the NSF Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (OAC) under the Cyberinfrastructure for […]

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DOE Grant: Exascale-enabled computational tools for complex chemical systems

Exascale Catalytic Chemistry (ECC) Led by a team from Sandia National Laboratories, and in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Brown University, our group in the Chemical Engineering department at Northeastern University is pleased to begin work on an $8M project to develop a suite of computational tools that will allow […]

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NSF CDS&E Grant for “AutoScience”

In September 2018, we began work on an exciting new project in collaboration with Mike Burke’s group at Columbia University, that we call the “AutoScience” project. The goal is to couple automated calculations and automated experiments together using automatically generated models that are automatically analyzed. Then we can all retire! The collaborative 3-year project is […]

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In 2018 Prof. West won an NSF CAREER award for a $503,888 grant titled “CAREER: Predictive kinetic modeling of halogenated hydrocarbon combustion.” Halogenated hydrocarbons (HHCs) are widely used as both refrigerants and fire suppressants. Driven by environmental and economic considerations, there is rapid innovation in the industry, but the next generation of HHC compounds raise […]

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Congratulations, Belinda!

Dr. Belinda Slakman became the third PhD to graduate from the CoMoChEng group! She defended her thesis, “New Domains in Automatic Mechanism Generation”, on June 15th, 2017. Belinda is now working for Kyulux in Boston, MA.

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NSF grant resolving discrepancies in detailed kinetic models of combustion via automated TST calculations.

In 2016 Prof. West won a $259,990 grant titled “Resolving discrepancies in detailed kinetic models of combustion via automated transition state theory calculations.” In order to develop cleaner and more efficient engines, and to make better use of both petroleum-derived and alternative fuels, engineers need a better understanding of combustion. Computer models that can accurately […]

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Mechanism Importer at the US National Combustion Meeting

At the 9th US National Combustion Meeting in Cincinnati OH, progress on our mechanism importer project was presented. The presentation was titled “Identification, Correction, and Comparison of Detailed Kinetic Models” (Presentation date: May 20, 2015). Unfortunately we couldn’t attend the meeting in person, but Dr. C. Franklin Goldsmith was kind enough to give the presentation […]

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

On September 15, 2014, the CoMoChEng lab participated in the Northeastern University College of Engineering Undergraduate Research Fair. We have many opportunities for undergraduate researchers at all levels. The flyer above has “Programmers” writ large, but most of our many successful researchers started with no programming experience, and many of our projects will not require […]

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