A genetic programming library written in C#

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Genetica is a .NET open-source genetic programming (GP) library written entirely in C#. Currently, Genetica.NET supports the evolution of programs representing mathematical expressions in a syntactic tree form. Mathematical programs combine primitives taken from a set of terminals, representing input scalar values, and several mathematical functions.

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Automated Cognitive Behavior Analysis

Understanding and predicting human behavior has always been a fundamental research question in AI. This project proposes a methodology to address that problem termed automated cognitive behavior analysis (ACBA). The methodology allows uncovering the underlying behavior structures — the mental plans guiding and shaping people’s actions carried out in the world — given observed behavior performed in the context of complex tasks. It involves the use of genetic programming (GP) to iteratively generate programs capable of explaining the behavior exhibited by an individual in a given task. It also includes a set of tools to help analyze and interpret the invariant cognitive structures responsible for different observed behaviors.

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