Socio-Emotional IMRL

Socio-Emotional Reward Design for Intrinsically-Motivated Reinforcement Learning Agents – C# code

Source repository:

This repository contains the code used to produce the results in my PhD thesis. The code implements the intrinsically-motivated reinforcement learning (IRML) framework, an extension to RL where an agent is rewarded for behaviors other than those strictly related to the task being accomplished, e.g., by exploring or playing with elements of its environment.

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A hierarchical agglomerative clustering (HAC) library written in C#

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Aglomera is a .NET open-source library written entirely in C# that implements hierarchical clustering (HC) algorithms. Currently, Aglomera.NET implements program AGNES (AGglomerative NESting) of [Kaufman & Rousseeuw, 1990], i.e., the bottom-up approach. It also supports different linkage criteria and also provides several metrics to perform internal and external evaluation of clustering results. The results of clustering can be exported to a Json file to be visualized as a dendrogram in Dendrogram Viewer, an interactive web-application using D3.js.

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A genetic programming library written in C#

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Genetica is a .NET open-source genetic programming (GP) library written entirely in C#. Currently, Genetica.NET supports the evolution of programs representing mathematical expressions in a syntactic tree form. Mathematical programs combine primitives taken from a set of terminals, representing input scalar values, and several mathematical functions.

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