Professor Alexandru I. Suciu
MATH 3150 · Real Analysis
Fall 2014

* Course Information

Course MATH 3150 · Real Analysis
Instructor Alex Suciu
Course Web Site
Time and Place Monday & Wednesday 2:50pm-4:30pm, in 509 Lake Hall
Office 435 LA – Lake Hall
Phone (617) 373-3899
Office Hours Mon, Tue, Wed 4:40-5:40pm, in 435 LA
Prerequisites MATH 2321 (Calculus 3 for Science and Engineering) and MATH 2331 (Linear Algebra)
Textbook Elementary Classical Analysis, Second Edition, Jerrold E. Marsden and Michael J. Hoffman, W. H. Freeman 1993. ISBN: 0716721058
Course Description   Provides the theoretical underpinnings of calculus and the advanced study of functions. Emphasis is on precise definitions and rigorous proof. Topics include the real numbers and completeness, continuity and differentiability, the Riemann integral, the fundamental theorem of calculus, inverse function and implicit function theorems, and limits and convergence.
Grade Based on problem sets (40%), midterm exam (20%), and final exam (40%). It is expected that you will work on the problem sets together; however, they must be written up separately.

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* Exams

  • Final exam: Monday December 8, at 1:00-3:00pm, in 158 Ryder Hall

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