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  • Captain Karan hitting a backhand against BU

In what has been a big week for the Men’s team, they came out swinging with a good 5-4 win against inter-city rivals Boston University, while falling to a better Amherst College team in a 0-9 defeat.

The win against Boston University was important for our team, as the teams are always fighting for the same spots by the end of the season. A big win here therefore lifted the team and will prove to be instrumental in our placings for Nationals. Ian Hay, playing at the number 2 spot, played exceptionally through 5 games, showing grit and determination to outhit and outlast his opponent. Alex Swenson, playing at the number 4 spot, produced some hard hitting to defeat his opponent in three games.

Matched up against a better team in Amherst College, the men did their best despite falling to a 0-9 defeat. Ben Rush, playing at the number 5 spot, played well in his games, with his accurate hitting giving his opponent a tough time. Club president, Connor Rouan, also played well, showing off his fitness and a determination to chase down every ball.

These matches conclude the first half of the season for the men. With the winter break coming up, the men will head home before coming back in January for some more exciting matches against a variety of collegiate teams.

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