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It’s the start of a new school year, and more importantly, the start of a new season of squash. With the departure of long time stalwarts Daniel Blohm and Francisco Calderon, the team is in need of fresh blood this year. Will existing team members be able to step up? Or will there be new players capable of filling the gap left by Dan and Fran? All will be revealed in our tryouts, taking place this September.

Coach’s Thoughts

So this season we decided to try something new and add some of Head Coach Christopher Santoro’s thoughts on how things are going for the team in general. For this edition we decided to ask coach about his thoughts and expectations for the upcoming season.

Q: What are your expectations for the coming season?
C: The goal of this season is to get everyone’s overall fitness level up. We have a ton of talent up and down the ladder, but our fitness isn’t where it needs to be. This team will be one of the fittest for our division.

Q: In your opinion, are there any “must win” matches for the team?
C: Must wins? The BU matches. They are built a lot like us and have a great team. Those matches are always a lot of fun and really shape how our season will look.

Q: Do you have any expectations from the current team members given the departures of Fran and Dan?
C:  It is going to be very hard to replace great leaders like Dan and Francisco. They were culture drivers for our program as they always came to practice early and pushed others to be better players. I’m hoping that our younger players learned from their example and will continue to drive the culture of hard work on the team.

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