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As the season came to a close the Northeastern Squash Team started a new Hall of Fame program where in the team would be recognizing players who had contributed significantly to the squash team both on and off the court.

There was no necessity to have a player inducted into this Hall of Fame every year. This honor would only be bestowed upon team members who had shown great commitment to the team both on and off the court and had significantly contributed to the team by leading as an example and winning their matches.

With the introduction of this program the first two graduating seniors to be inducted into the Hall of Fame were:

Nicole Powers – Nicole has had a fantastic record for the Woman’s team captaining the team and also leading by example, winning the majority of her matches at the 1st position on the ladder.

Daniel Blohm – Daniel has been the captain of the Men’s squash team for a while and has always been a source of inspiration to the men’s team by winning a lot of the matches on the 1st position on the ladder and by his sheer dedication to the team.

Hopefully, this honor encourages more team members to do well in the classroom and be committed to the sport we all love, squash. The website will be modified this summer to include a Hall of Fame section where player legacies will live on. Formal induction articles will be posted there for Nicole and Daniel.

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