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Research Group of Prof. Yongmin Liu
Graduate Students
We are actively looking for self-motivated graduate students who would like to conduct research at the frontier of science and engineering. We are particularly interested in students with background in one or more of the following areas: optics, engineering, physics and materials science. The successful applicants will have opportunities to develop excellent stills in multiple aspects, including electromagnetic modeling, micro-/nano-fabrication, device processing, advanced optical and electrical characterization.
Undergraduate Students
We welcome undergraduate students who want to gain research experience in the general fields of optics, electromagnetic modeling, nano devices, and micro/nano fabrication.
Visiting Students and Scholars
We are highly interested in prospective, self-supported graduate students and visiting scholars with fellowships/scholarships, who would like to explore the research areas of nano optics (plasmonics), nano material engineering (optical metamaterials), optical instrumentation and characterizations, micro/nano fabrication, transformation optics and quantum or nonlinear optics.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows
We do not have an immediate opening for postdoctoral researchers at this moment. However, we encourage prospective postdoc candidates with suitable background to contact us. We will get back to you once we have openings available.

If you are interested in one of the aforementioned positions, please contact Dr. Yongmin Liu via email (y.liu at northeastern.edu). In your email, please briefly describe your background, research interest and experience, along with your full curriculum vitae. Please note that only candidates with a suitable match with the positions will be contacted.


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