We are happy to serve our fellow Women in STEM as Executive Board members.

Learn more about our previous E-Board and founding members here.

Katie Vilardi  


Katie Vilardi is a PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Her research investigates the ecophysiology of complete ammonia oxidizing bacteria at drinking water and wastewater treatment plants.

Katie is passionate about creating a strong, supportive grad community at Northeastern. She enjoys taking spin classes, drinking coffee and reading anything from J.D. Salinger to Lauren Weisberger.

Theresa Davenport  


Theresa is a PhD Candidate in Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology at Northeastern’s Marine Science Center.

Her research focuses on coastal habitat restoration and the ecosystem services restored ecosystems can provide.

She is passionate about gender equality and supporting under-represented groups in pursuing STEM careers. She loves nature’s many ecosystems, and solving puzzles of all types.

Elena Gonzalez Sosto


Elena is an MSc. in Engineering and Public Policy (with a concentration in Energy and Environment) student from Costa Rica.

There she worked in infrastructure and building projects as a Civil Engineer, and developed a passion for understanding the socioeconomic benefits and consequences construction projects bring to their surroundings.

She loves learning new crafts and hobbies, and is currently immersed in the world of orchids, and also enjoys spending time outdoors.

Shrav K

Former President & Advocacy Committee Chair

Shrav is a PhD student in BioEngineering. Her research involves 3D printing of highly aligned collagen, with applications in collagenous structure repair (e.g. tendon damage, cornea replacement).

1. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? To learn how to fly!

2. What do you value the most about being part of NEU GWiSE? Having been part of several student clubs before, I really value the environment in which I can lead – a enthusiastic, smart team in a beautifully organized structure with great support from our advisor/administrators. We honestly have boundless opportunities for events and growth.

3. What is your favorite GWiSE memory? There are so many moments I enjoy, but I think the one that comes to mind here is the Tie-Dye T-shirt social where the E-Board worked hard coordinating activities and our members lingered long after the event was done, taking lots of photos and enjoying themselves.

Another one was when the first tricky event I was in charge took off beautifully, showing off research by female researchers on campus! It was both incredibly relieving and rewarding.