ConceptBuilder software package

ConceptBuilder is a software tool for drawing, viewing, and quantifying causal models in psychology experiments, programmed by Edward Y. Park for the Causal Cognition Lab. We have released the package as open-source software under the GNU General Public License [see terms]. If you are not already familiar with the GNU GPL, you must read the terms to understand how to use this software legally. See also Kim & Park (2009) [pdf] for more information.

The ConceptBuilder package, pre-configured for Windows, can be downloaded here without charge as a single zip file (40 Kb). [download] See Read Me file in the downloaded package for instructions. Mac users can also use this package with minor adjustments (please scroll down in the Read Me file for details).

This download contains all the files necessary to run ConceptBuilder:

  • conceptbuilder.tcl – The main ConceptBuilder program
  • conceptviewer.tcl – A utility for viewing diagrams generated by users
  • config_sample.tcl – A sample experiment configuration file consisting of two concepts
  • – A program written to extract adjacency matrices from the ConceptBuilder output
  • Read Me file containing installation and quick start guides


Kim, N. S., & Park, E. Y. (2009). ConceptBuilder: An open-source software tool for measuring, depicting and quantifying causal models. Behavior Research Methods, 41, 128-136. [pdf]


This software is free, but as a courtesy, please drop us an email if you are downloading it to use in a study.