We believe parental involvement is essential to the success of YDIP.

Consistent parent involvement allows the YDIP staff to communicate frequently about academic progress or regress, any disciplinary issues that may occur in or outside the program, and any family issues that may arise which affect the students’ academic behavior or abilities. YDIP staff and tutors seek to maintain strong relationships with students and families, to provide attention and resources as they are needed, and to further guarantee student and family success. YDIP also communicates regularly with school administrators, guidance counselors and teachers. Contact with schools is critical, as it allows staff to monitor the progress of all students and prevent the students from falling off-course. With a 3 tier monitoring system in place; the YDIP Parent(s), the staff at YDIP, and the school administrators create a safety net for the student, and in collaboration we can identify problems and find creative solutions to any issues that may arise.

The YDIP Parents are required to attend Saturday morning meetings at Northeastern University every two weeks.

Meetings include: discussions of student progress, workshops on financial literacy, and opportunities for effective parenting for academic success. Additionally, the YDIP Parents have access to attend The Boston Public Schools—Parent University.