Program Expectations and Commitment:

Participants in YDIP are expected to be dedicated, serious, and committed to the components of YDIP.

YDIP expects Students to:

  • Give 100% effort on all school work inside and outside the classroom
  • Complete at least four hours of after school tutoring each week
  • Commit to attending the Saturday program twice per month
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Complete the reading of the summer book (summer)

YDIP expects Parents to:

  • Make themselves available to attend workshops, seminars, and other activities on two Saturdays per month
  • If they cannot attend the workshops on Saturday for any reason they, first, notify the YDIP Staff and second make themselves available to attend the make-up Parents meeting
  • Be fully involved and engaged in their child’s education at school and at YDIP
  • Complete the reading of the summer book (summer)