Media Covergae

Compression-Compiler Co-Optimization for Real-Time DNN Execution on General-Purpose Mobile Devices (paper here)

  • Reported in Xinzhiyuan (新智元), also cited in Liaoba (中国联通), sina (新浪财经), gmx (共鸣新闻), xueqiu (雪球投资), and in the efficient DNN list here

Speedup Up AI in USC Viterbi Communications.

Adversarial T-Shirt for Evading Real-Time Detection (paper here) (Over 120 media coverage on the web. A selected list in the following.)

Hierarchical Random Switching for DNN Robustness (paper here)

  • “How randomness can protect neural networks against adversarial attacks” by TechTalks
  • “Making neural networks robust with new perspective” by IBM Research Blog
  • “AI safety – how do you prevent adversarial attacks?” by Medium

Fingerprinting 3D Printers (paper here)

Block-Circulant based DNN Acceleration (paper here)