Xuwen Zhu

Department of Mathematics

Northeastern University

Office:549 Lake Hall


In Fall 2020 I am teaching Math 1342: Calculus II for Science and Engineering and Math 5101: Analysis I.

I am an assistant professor at Department of Mathematics, Northeastern University. In Fall 2019 I was a Uhlenbeck Postdoctoral Fellow in MSRI Microlocal Analysis Program. I obtained my PhD from MIT in 2015.

Here is my CV.

My research is partially supported by NSF Grant DMS-2041823.

Research Interests:

Publications and Preprints:

  1. Fundamental gaps of spherical triangles. Joint with Shoo Seto and Guofang Wei.
  2. Spectral properties of reducible conical metrics. Joint with Bin Xu.
    arXiv: 1909.00546. Submitted.
  3. Conical metrics on Riemann surfaces, II: spherical metrics. Joint with Rafe Mazzeo.
    arXiv: 1906.09720. Submitted.
  4. Rigidity of a family of spherical conical metrics.
    New York Journal of Mathematics 26 (2020) 272--284. Journal version
  5. Spherical conic metrics and realizability of branched covers.
    Proceedings of the AMS, Volume 147, Number 4, April 2019, Pages 1805–1815. Journal version
  6. Conical metrics on Riemann surfaces, I: the compactified configuration space and regularity. Joint with Rafe Mazzeo.
    Geometry and Topology 24 (2020) 309–372. Journal version
  7. Boundary behaviour of Weil-Petersson and fiber metrics for Riemann moduli spaces. Joint with Richard Melrose.
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  8. Eleven dimension supergravity equations on edge manifolds.
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    Journal of Differential Geometry, Volume 108, Number 2 (2018), 295-317. Journal version
  11. The eleven dimensional supergravity equations, resolutions and Lefschetz fiber metrics. PhD thesis

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