Women in Finance Peer Mentorship Network

Women in Finance Peer Mentorship Network

We are thrilled to launch our inaugural Women in Finance Peer Mentorship Network in Fall 2018! Through this program, selected upper-class participants will provide mentorship to a sophomore considering a career in finance, providing guidance and support throughout her career exploration efforts, co-op job search process, and transition to the professional workplace. Unlike our traditional DMSB Co-op peer mentors where students provide general support to a number of students, selected mentors in this program will be assigned to one mentee, providing her with holistic support and guidance through the entire academic year.


Meet our 2018-2019 Mentors!

Mentors have a unique opportunity partner 1-1 with students searching for their first co-op, providing guidance, support, and encouragement. Mentors partner with mentees throughout the 2018-2019 academic year. Benefits of becoming a mentor include:The ability to lead and coach others as they develop their own path within finance

-A deeper capacity for advocacy and inclusivity of fellow young women entering a male-dominated field
-Increased self-awareness by engaging in reflection of personal and professional experiences to be able to thoughtfully share insights with mentees
-Communication skills working one-on-one and in a group setting as you convey your own experience and expertise in the world of finance
-An increased network of fellow professional women that you will carry with you throughout your career

Our Mentor Application is available and due Tuesday, July 17, 2018. Please visit the Mentor page for more program and application information.


Mentees have an opportunity to partner with an upper-class student throughout the 2018-2018 year. Benefits of the program include:

-A network of professional women at multiple levels that you can carry with you throughout your career
-Increased knowledge of the world of finance, career paths, and options; learn about challenges, successes, and opportunities of women who have been in your shoes
-Better understand your own career goals, plans, and perspective. You will have the opportunity engage in reflective conversations with your peer mentor, and also to use her as a resource as you consider co-ops and other opportunities

To learn more and apply, view the Mentee Application  here.


Please contact Heather Hauck at h.hauck at northeastern.edu or Mary King at king.mary@husky.neu.edu with any questions.