Women in Finance Mentor Application

Women in Finance Peer-Peer Mentor Program Spring 2019

We are currently seeking mentor applications to participate in the inaugural Women in Finance peer-to-peer mentor program for Spring 2019. Selected participants will provide mentorship to a sophomore considering a career in finance, providing guidance and support throughout her career exploration efforts, co-op job search process, and transition to the professional workplace. Unlike our traditional DMSB Co-op peer mentors where students provide general support to a number of students, selected mentors in this program will be assigned to one mentee, providing her with holistic support and guidance through the entire academic year. We hope that through this deeper, more individualized mentoring program we can encourage more women to move into finance and advance their career opportunities. At this time, this role is unpaid.

  • The ability to lead and coach others as they develop their own path within finance
  • A deeper capacity for advocacy and inclusivity of fellow young women entering a male-dominated field
  • Increased self-awareness by engaging in reflection of personal and professional experiences to be able to thoughtfully share insights with mentees
  • Communication skills working one-on-one and in a group setting as you convey your own experience and expertise in the world of finance
  • An increased network of fellow professional women that you will carry with you throughout your career

We are looking for women who are interested in sharing their story. The ideal mentor is
compassionate, a thoughtful listener, excited about the industry, and willing to share their successes and failures with young women starting out in the field.

  • Meet with your mentee, at a minimum, at least one time per month throughout the academic year
  • Participate in two facilitated discussions/feedback sessions with your fellow mentors to help ensure that this is a positive experience for both peer mentors as well as mentees
  • When possible, participate in Women in Finance programming activities
  • Become an advocate for fellow women looking to advance in the field of finance
  • All mentors will participate in training and receive support so they feel confident in their role. We want YOU to grow as a professional as you help others do the same

Please complete the application form that pertains to you by TUESDAY, JANUARY 22nd @ noon.
*All mentors will receive a follow up google form regarding pairing preferences due TUESDAY, JANUARY 28th @ noon.
Decisions and pairings will be made and mentees will be notified no later than end of day MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4th! 

Mentor application link:

If you have any questions, please contact Tara Boyle @ boyle.t@husky.neu.edu. We are excited to have you be a part of what is sure to be a foundation for success for many future women in finance!