Officers – Fall 2019


Devendra Shivraj

Devendra is a fifth-year student who has worked before in the biotech, robotics and lighting industries. He is interested in robotics-related projects that involve PCB design, embedded software, and control systems.

Vice President

Seth Penna

Seth is a fifth-year electrical engineering major, who has a passion for electronics projects. His favorite projects include PCB design, microcontrollers, Raspberry Pis, and of course lots of LEDs. He has attended a lot of hackathons around the Northeast, and has worked on the Airlights project since it began four years ago.


Dominic Yamarone

Dominic is a fifth year MechE student with a passion for electronics. He has been a part of Wireless Club since freshman year when he led the effort to build the club’s reflow soldering oven. He’s learned a lot with the club and is very excited to help out. 


Tariq Sachleben

Tariq is a fifth-year computer science major with many years of experience improving club spaces and organizing club activities. In his free time, Tariq can typically be found playing video games or doodling on his guitar. 

Facilities Manager

Gavin Chandler

Gavin is a second year electrical engineering student. He is interested in electronic hardware, and has his technician’s license in ham radio. Currently he works on research in power systems and is involved with Northeastern’s Japanese Culture Club. Outside of school, he enjoys hiking and eating out with his friends.

Ham Guru

Luke Prescott

Luke is interested in anything science. He is currently on co-op in process development at bluebird bio, but is excited to contribute to the club’s ham radio part and its many projects.

Ham Apprentice

Connor Northway

Connor is a second-year combined major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He is interested in electronics and hardware design. He has his technician-level license and is looking forward to contributing to the club’s various ham-related activities.

Outreach Coordinator

Sarah Cline

Despite her more software-focused background, Sarah is excited and passionate about all the fun things you can do with hardware. She’s been attending Wireless workshops since freshman year and has led the LED Flag project.