Welcome to Northeastern University's Wind Engineering Research Group!

Here at the Wind Engineering Research Group (WERG), numerical methods are developed and wind tunnel experimental tests are conducted to investigate the structural damages and economic impacts that are induced by wind hazards such as hurricanes, thunderstorm downbursts, and tornadoes on high-rise buildings, wind towers, long-span bridges, and other civil infrastructure. In recent years, emerging issues such as climate change effects and wind-load resilience of civil infrastructures have been examined. Research activities also include sustainable wind energy systems, horizontal axis wind turbines and wind-based energy harvesting. The group is led by Associate Professor Luca Caracoglia of Northeastern University's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Meso-scale Wind Energy Harvester

CEE Associate Professor Luca Caracoglia was awarded a $440K NSF grant for “Exploiting the Wind Energy Resource through Aeroelastic Vibration and Torsional Flutter.” Abstract from NSF Wind energy is an important component of the United States program for renewable energy. As part of this effort, large-scale systems (onshore and offshore wind turbines) have been thoroughly

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Dissertation Defense – PhD Student Viet Le

On April 9, 2020, PhD student Viet Le of WERG successfully defended his dissertation research. His dissertation is titled: “A Performance-based Wind Engineering Framework for Vertical Structures Subjected to Nonstationary Wind Loads”. The dissertation abstract and a short bio can be found in the linked flyer:


On May 23, 2019, CEE Associate Professor Luca Caracoglia hosted the 1st Northeastern University – Tongji University Workshop on Wind Engineering to discuss the latest research on how wind effects structural design of bridges and vertical structures.