Website History

The VSA website didn’t always look like this! We have archives ranging back to 2004, and it’s been slowly evolving over time. You can see bits and pieces of the website through this time portal here. Certain dates contain a “screenshot” of the website, which may have some functional links on them still!

2004-2007: The beginnings – or at least what we can find anyway. It was created by the president at the time, Nhu Nguyet Phan. Originally the eboard had a webmaster too, Loi Duong, who helped manage the website. Webmaster is no longer a current eboard position, but maintaining the website was passed down to secretary… which eventually turned into public relations… that turned into historian… that turned into media specialist!

Website 1

2007-2008: According to our records, something happened but it looks pretty funky… it’s pretty much a wall of text.

2009: The website disappeared!? We’re not sure what happened here either.

2010-2014: The second version! It has actually stayed like this. for. four. years. Some tricky behind-the-scenes work resulted in a very buggy website that refused to be redesigned until it was finally resolved by the media specialist of 2014-2015, Ann Phung.

Website 2

Fall 2014 – Spring 2015: The much-needed update that resulted in the most recent version of our website.

website 3