Executive Board

Co-President: Devin Yang

Email: yang.dev@husky.neu.edu

Hi! I’m Devin, your Co-President of the year! I’m a third year game design and digital art major in CAMD. In my spare time I like to create digital illustrations, concept art, and on rare occasions, works of literature; League is love, League is life, but I also enjoy Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Guild Wars 2, and various iPhone games; I’m a sucker for Lore and Fantasy. I also love love love Marvel stuff and horror movies, so I’d totally be down to just hang out and watch stuff and have wombo fanboy discussions with you!

Thinking back, I had a shitty time in high school, but VSA helped me overcome many of the unpleasant experiences I’ve had there, and that is why VSA means so much to me. All of my closest friends I’ve met in VSA, and they’re the sweetest, most caring people (and silly too) I could’ve ever asked for to be a part of my life.

I look forward to meeting new VSA members and attendees so very much, which means that if you ever want to hang out or get food or game or even watch a movie, please… HIT ME UP!! Cheers to a new year full of new people and new memories to be made!”

Co-President: Whitney Hsu

Email: hsu.w@husky.neu.edu

Hai~ I’m Whitney, your other Co-President! I’m a fourth year (P2) Pharmacy student who enjoys sketching, reading manga, and watching Asian dramas! Hmu for any recommendations or even just to talk and hang out! ^^ Random fact: As a girl from California, my favorite season is winter ;) Can’t wait to meet all the new VSA members and create many great memories to look back on. Hope you guys are excited for what we have in stock for y’all~ ♡

Co Vice-President: Alyssa Lam

Email: lam.aly@husky.neu.edu

Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa, one of your Co-Vice Presidents!! I’m a second year, health science/pre-med student from Connecticut and in my spare time I love drawing, taking artsy pics (or at least trying to for that Instagram aesthetic), playing piano, cooking, working out, and hanging out/getting food with friends and family. VSA over the past year has become my home and we are always looking for more people to add to our family! Feel free to message me to grab food, jam out, talk about what it’s like being a Viet-American, watch Netflix, or go to Club Snell! I’m your girl ^.^/p>

Co Vice-President: Ziliang Ruan

Email: ruan.zi@husky.neu.edu

Hello! I am Zi, and I will be one of your co-Vice Presidents this year! With that said, I am a second year electrical engineering student. I am a local here in Boston MA, been living here for the past twelve years of my life just over in Chinatown. So let me know if you have any questions about the city. I will help you with all that I know. My hobbies currently include manga, movies, games (like Overwatch), board games, and memes. Oh, I have an unusual hobby of playing modern yoyo as well. If you need a new friend, hit me up, because I am always open to make new friends!

It is tough finding somewhere that you belong at a new place. The people are exceptionally friendly and easy to talk to at VSA. It is really the first and, so far, the only student organization that has made me feel home here at Northeastern, and I hope it will make you feel the same. If it doesn’t, hit me up. We can fix that ;)

Treasurer: Ryan Tan

Email: tan.ry@husky.neu.edu

Hey! I’m Ryan and I am the Treasurer for VSA for 2017-2018. I love food and music! You’ll probably find me cooking or eating delicious food while listening to a variety of music. I enjoy rock-climbing and find time for video games or hanging out with friends. My favorite color is blue and I love mangoes!

Co-Program Coordinator: Matthew Joe

Email: joe.m@husky.neu.edu

Hello young and old members of VSA! My name is Matthew Joe and I am currently a 4th year Health Science Student and have sold my blood for 50 bucks. Now that I have summed up the typical conversation we would have if we were first meeting, I hope that I can get to know you past the things I could easily find from stalking you. Don’t believe in me? Then come on down to VSA and find out! Learn about the life of your Co-Program Coordinator and how he almost won 1 milllion dollars!!!

Co-Program Coordinator: Jeff Zhu

Email: zhu.jef@husky.neu.edu

Hey there! The name’s Jeff, affectionately referred to as “”Jeef”” (like beef) or “”Jefe”” (Spanish for chief) by some, and I’m a second year computer engineering and computer science major. Specialties include 1) the art of potato transformation, 2) embarrassing myself, and 3) lookin’ kawaii AF. See, I’m really good at number 2.

Anyways, VSA is an amazing student organization. There’s just so much room to achieve personal growth; I promise that you’ll find your place here. Feel free to ask me all about my own experiences when we meet! If you need someone to talk to about anything at all, I gotchu there too. Consider me as one of the first of many new friends that you’ll make in college. But yeah, trust me. Give VSA a chance, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I can’t wait to have you join us!

Welcome to the VSA fam.

Co-Performance Coordinator: Cynthia Mei

Email: mei.c@husky.neu.edu

Hey everyone!! My name is Cynthia Mei, and I’m from Long Island, New York. I am a second year business major with a concentration in Finance, and a minor in Psychology. I have a lot of passion for music and the arts; I love dancing, singing, and playing the piano for friends and family. I also enjoy watching movies, but recently, I’ve been getting into TV shows on Netflix, as well. If you have any questions or if you just want a friend to talk to, you can always find me in Snell or Curry; if I’m not there, I’m probably napping for four hours (sorry not sorry). Otherwise, feel free to come talk to me! I look forward to getting to know everyone!!

Co-Performance Coordinator: Eric Chang

Email: chang.eri@husky.neu.edu

Hey guys! My name is Eric and I am blessed to be one of your Performance Coordinators for the upcoming year. I am a third year pharmacy student from California (West Coast, Best Coast!). I am a basketball fanatic (if any of y’all wanna talk or play some good old basketball, hit me up), avid dragon boater, anime watcher (following Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill atm), and game player. Although I have been here for two years, I haven’t really had the full Boston experience, so I would love to go on some “Explore Boston” trips with all of you guys. I’m looking forward to meeting all the new members and hopefully all of y’all come out to VSA Dance!

Secretary: Mufan Xu

Email: xu.mu@husky.neu.edu

Hello! My name is Mufan and I’m a second year biochemistry major from Niskayuna, NY. I very much enjoy drawing, napping, laying on the ground, online shopping, chicken nuggets, ice cream, and bubble tea. Just one year ago I came to college and found a second home here in VSA. I am very excited to meet the new VSA members this year! Please stick around and I promise you that you will meet some really cool kids and have a fun time. I am always down for food adventures/ shopping/ studying sessions/ movie nights so pls hmu if you want to hang out or talk!

Media Specialist: Mirai Sahara

Email: sahara.m@husky.neu.edu

Hi, I’m Mirai, a second year CS major :) My main interests are movies, music, anime, manga, memes ;), and video games, but I am willing to talk about ANYTHING so please don’t be shy :) Let’s have a great year with VSA~

Senior Advisor: Michael Chau

Email: chau.m@husky.neu.edu

What’s Gucci. I’m Michael, and I will be your Senior Advisor, BUT you can call me whatever you want (nicknames are cool). I’m a fifth year health science major on a pre-dental track, and originally from not-that-far-away Rhode Island. A little about me: I love to dance (hit me up if you wanna learn some moves), eat, cook (I’d love to share my cooking with you), tennis (I suck, go easy on me pls), online gaming (if I really have nothing to do), and meeting new people. I also enjoy deep talks/heart-to-hearts and basically connecting with people on another level; I try to be open as possible, so if you have any questions about me, just ask!

Lastly, I would like to give you a big, warm welcome to the VSA family! We’d love to make you part of our cozy home away from home. VSA has always been near and dear to my heart. I’ve met so many genuine, caring and supportive people and made so many cherished memories through VSA. If you give us the chance, I’d like to show you what VSA means to all of us!”