East Boston

Telling stories with data to uncover the sometimes hidden patterns and networks in a neighborhood undergoing dramatic change.

The people

Waves of immigration

How would an Amazon HQ2 affect diversity?

Where and what to eat in East Boston (VR available)

Food scarcity in East Boston

Crime in East Boston

Living and working in East Boston

Who lives in East Boston?

The environment

How would Amazon HQ2 affect public transportation?

A visual history of East Boston

Is asthma more likely for children living near Logan Airport?

Sea level is rising, what effect might flooding have on East Boston by 2050?

The built city

Got a problem? Dial 311.

Can East Boston residents afford their rent?

Would Amazon HQ2 drive rents even higher?

Who owns East Boston?

Exploring playgrounds in East Boston

Will East Boston still be livable in 2030?

Is East Boston being gentrified?

Court documents suggest who is being evicted and why.

Is Airbnb contributing to higher rents?

The institutions

East Boston’s library, in two languages

Logan Airport: an air traffic overview

What blocks student achievement in East Boston?