Academic Assistance

Trying to make sure you get an A in your next class? You're in the right place.

It is highly recommended that you attend your professor’s office hours first. But if its too busy or you’d like to look at other options, check out these below:  

Click on the images to visit the respective webpage.

Northeastern offers free opportunities for tutoring with options ranging from 1 on 1 to group tutoring sessions. Check out their website for details on how to set up a session or even become a peer tutor if you’d like. 

The VA offers opportunities for you to hire personal tutors using your GI Bill! Check out the VA’s website for more information and contact DCAVS to discuss how to set this up! 

The SVO has begin to set up a peer to peer tutoring network. Check out the google docs form to see who is available to tutor and contact them today! Additionally you can edit the google docs form to sign up to be a peer tutor as well. 

You can also stop by the SVO lounge at any point and ask your fellow veterans for help! We’ll gladly assist you if we can. 

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization with many high level courses. You can listen to lectures, practice problems, and track your progress. 

MIT Open Courseware allows free access to actual MIT class lecture notes and assignments. This can be a great supplement to your lectures. 

Yes, that’s correct..Youtube. Youtube is an excellent source for tutorials on complex subjects. Often times professors will upload their lectures. You can try searching for your textbook, famous professors who teach the subject, or by asking fellow Veterans if they know any excellent channels. 

Chegg can assist students by explaining complex methods, theories, and problem solving techniques through textbook solutions and guides. When used correctly, Chegg can further supplement your professors lectures. It should NOT be used as a homework completing tool but rather a supplement to teach and reinforce methods learned in class. 


Please note the SVO is not affiliated with Chegg, not responsible for financial transactions with their clients, nor are we compensated by them. 

Udemy offers online coursework in various disciplines that can supplement your efforts at Northeastern. The courses can range from “Ultimate Drawing Course” perfecting your shading skills to “AWS Certified Solutions Architect” teaching you how to pass Amazon’s AWS exam.  Their coursework often goes on sale for $9.99.

Please note the SVO is not affiliated with Udemy, not responsible for financial transactions with their clients, nor are we compensated by them. 

EDX offers free courses in various disciplines that can supplement your efforts at Northeastern. The courses can range from Python 101/Circuits to Anthropology/Philosophy. There is a wide array of classes you can take on your free time. They also offer opportunities to obtain professional certifications and degrees. 

Please note the SVO is not affiliated with EDX, not responsible for financial transactions with their clients, nor are we compensated by them. 

Reddit is an excellent network for students in similar degrees! You can utilize subreddits like r/engineeringstudents or r/CSMajors to get advice on textbooks, schools, classes, resources and more from peers across the nation, or even the world. 

Have suggestions? Email us and let us know what we should add to this list!