SUSY09: 5-10 June
BSM-LHC: 2-4 June

Susy09 at Northeastern

Susy09, the 17th International Conference on Supersymmetry and the Unification of Fundamental Interactions, will be held at Northeastern University in the summer of 2009. As the plans for the conference develop, we will post the information here.

Proceedings Published! The online version is available at Scitation. SUSY09 Proceedings cover

Proceedings instructions available. The organizing committee has signed with the AIP to produce the SUSY09 conference proceedings. Instructions are available on our Proceedings page.

...for BSM-LHC as well: instructions for BSM-LHC contributions are located on the BSM-LHC proceedings page.

Group Photo

Conference photos online: Photos from Friday and Sunday are viewable at Roadside Photo for 90 days from the end of the conference. We also have a set from Sven Heinemeyer: thanks Sven!

Schedules no longer preliminary: Schedules released: detailed schedules with speaker assignments have been posted for the plenary sessions of SUSY09 and BSM-LHC and for the parallel sessions.

Most talks available online: Most talks from BSM-LHC and the parallel sessions have now been made available online. Mousing over the schedules will turn the typeface for available talks green. Click on the title/author to bring up a "Fetch talk" dialog.

Note to speakers: All Plenary and solicited parallel talks will be 30 minutes in length which should include five minutes for questions. Non-solicited talks will be 20 minutes including 3 minutes for questions. Sessions are tightly scheduled so we request that you upload your talks through our upload page. Only PDF and Powerpoint format files will be accepted. The projection computers will be running Windows, so please check that the fonts you use are compatible.

Talk venues: All BSM-LHC talks will be held in the Curry Student Center Ballroom. SUSY09 plenary talks will be held in the Curry Student Center Ballroom with video repeaters in the McLeod Suites (318-323 Curry Student Center). Parallel talks will be held in Shillman Hall and in the Snell Engineering Center. Individual rooms numbers are indicated on the detailed schedule for parallel talks.

Banquets: Additional banquet tickets are available until 4 June at at a cost of $120/ticket if you didn't indicate them on your registration. You can email us with your meal choices for the June 3 BSM-LHC banquet (Chicken, Fish (salmon), Vegetarian) and the June 8 SUSY09 banquet (Chicken, Fish (salmon), Vegetarian).

Poster available: the conference poster is available in PDF format.

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