Kalli Catcott received the Excellence in Graduate Research Award

Kalli Catcott has been awarded the Excellence in Graduate Research Award in the department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Given at Northeastern University on May 4th, 2016. It is the second of these awards received by Sumnyland.

Claire Yu and Derek Lin won the inaugural CABA High School Student Research Award

The CABA High School Research Award is a Chinese-American Biomedical Association (CABA) program. The recipients of the CABA Award, including Claire Yu and Derek Lin, was announced at CABA’s 2015 MedTech Symposium on December 12.

Kalli Catcott has been awarded WCC / Eli Lilly Travel Grant

Kalli Catcott was selected by the ACS Women Chemists Committee as one of ten recipients nationally for the WCC / Eli Lilly Travel Grant for the second half of 2015. She used the grant to travel to Honolulu and present at Pacifichem in December, 2015.

Michael Pablo receives a Provost Undergraduate Research Award!

Undergraduate researcher Michael Pablo was awarded funding for his proposal “Simple, Reliable Identification of Isoaspartic Acid in Proteins”.

Our research and NIH grant on isoaspartic acid's role in aging and diseases are highlighted in Northeastern news.

From NEU news: "... According to Zhou, the rate at which isoAsp forms depends on the sequence of amino acids in the pro­tein. If asparagine sits next to the amino acid pro­line, it will take a long time to degrade. If it’s next to glycine, on the other hand, it may take just half a day. Luckily, there’s an anti­dote. The enzyme “pro­tein isoas­par­tate methyl­trans­ferase,” or PIMT, can rec­tify the damage ..." - See more click here

Congratulations Michael Pablo!

Michael Pablo, an undergraduate researcher in SunnyLand, has landed a coveted co-op position at Amgen in Cambridge, Massachusetts from July to December.

An Article Highlighted in JACS Select Collection Focused on Chemical Mechanisms in Biochemical Reactions

The article, Enzyme-Catalyzed Transfer of a Ketone Group from an S-Adenosylmethionine Analogue: A Tool for the Functional Analysis of Methyltransferases, is Highlighted in JACS Select (issue 12; J Am Chem Soc, 2011, 133, 13207–13212) Collection focused on Chemical Mechanisms in Biochemical Reactions. Professor Peter J. Stang, Editor-in-Chief, commented, “Your Communication was selected because of its high scientific quality and broad appeal.”

Our Work Is Highlighted in Nachrichten aus der Chemie

Our work on keto-AdoMet as a Substrate Surrogate of Methyltransferases for Substrate Profiling and Structural Diversification (J Am Chem Soc, 2010, 132, 3642) has been highlighted in Nachrichten aus der Chemie, 2010, 58 (5), 518 Official journal of the German Chemical Society (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker) Equivalent of Chemical and Engineering News of the American Chemical Society.

Congratulations Dr. Zang!

Tianzhu "Indi" Zang completed his Ph. D. in Chemistry!

Min Liu highlighted in SMP&PD Newsletter

Min Liu, Sunnyland's co-op Ph.D. student at Amgen, has been highlighted in Small Molecule Process and Product Development Newsletter for her recent paper and award from the Barnett Institute. She was featured in the SMP&PD Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 4 December 2011 for her work with VP Jerry Murry.

Sunny's Paper Highly Accessed on BioMed Central

Sunny's paper "Zoospore interspecific signaling promotes plant infection by Phytophthora" has been accessed over 1700 times on BioMed Central, an open access publisher.