About us

Welcome to the Advanced Materials and Microsystems Laboratory. We are a group of scientists working at the cutting edge on ultra-sensitive and highly specific gas sensors and systems, magnetic, multiferroic, ferroelectric, thermoelectric, and other advanced materials and microsystems. Specifically, we work on materials, devices and microsystems for gas sensing for biomedical diagnosis, magnetic sensing, neural magnetic sensing and stimulation, different tunable RF/microwave components, including thin-film frequency selective limiters, magnetoelectric antennas, tunable inductors, filters, phase shifters, isolators, circulators, integrated thermoelectric materials and devices, vibration and wireless energy harvesting, etc.



Direction 1

Novel magnetostrictive materials and radically new RF nanoelectromechanical system (NEMS) magnetoelectric sensors and antennas

Direction 2

Integrated nanoscale magnetic and magnetoelectric sensors with picoTesla sensitivity at DC and low frequencies

Direction 3

Novel ultra-sensitive highly specific gas sensors for biomarker volatile organic compounds for early screening and diagnosis of different diseases

Direction 4

Integrated RF and microwave magnetic and magnetoelectric microdevices

Direction 5

Multifunctional materials based miniaturized antennas, filters, magnetic field sensors, inductors, etc.


Group Leader

Nian X. Sun

Professor of ECE & BioE
Director of the W.M. Keck Laboratory for Integrated Ferroics, &
Director of the Advanced Materials and Microsystems Laboratory
Northeastern University


Hwaider Lin, Ph.D.
  • President,
    Winchester Technologies, LLC.
  • SBIR/STTR technical reviewer,
    National Science Foundation (NSF)
Ivan Lisenkov


Dr. Jiawei Wang


Cheng Tu


Ph.D. Students


Ph.D. Student

Anthony Romano

Ph.D Student

Cunzheng Dong

Ph.D. Student


Ph.D. Student

Mehdi Nasrollahpourmotlaghzanjani

Ph.D. Student

Mohsen Zaeimbashi

Ph.D. Student

Neville Sun

Ph.D. Candidate

Nirjhar Bhattacharjee

PhD student


Ph.D. Student


Ph.D. Student


Ph.D. Student

Yi Zhang

Visiting PhD student

Yifan He

Ph.D. Student

Yuyi Wei
PhD student
Zhaoqiang Chu

Visiting PhD student

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Yang Yang

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Yingxue Guo

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Funding resources



Here is the list of openings in our group:

  • Graduate research assistants with background on electrical engineering, chemical engineering, bioengineering, solid state physics, RF/microwave engineering, RF materials and devices, etc.
  • Undergraduate research assistants.
  • Position for visiting professors, faculty on sabbatical leave, etc.
  • Post doctoral scientists with background on RF/microwave materials and device design, RFIC and MMIC design, etc.

Please send your resume (and transcripts, if convenient) if you have the interest, also feel free to drop by to my office at Dana 417 for a chat.