Our focus

Direction 1

Novel magnetostrictive materials and radically new RF nanoelectromechanical system (NEMS) magnetoelectric sensors, and real-time electro-magneto brain activity mapping in awake, normally active live animals

Direction 2

Integrated nanoscale magnetic and magnetoelectric sensors with picoTesla sensitivity at DC and low frequencies

Direction 3

Integrated magnetic and magnetoelectric microdevices for power electronics

Direction 4

Integrated RF and microwave magnetic and magnetoelectric microdevices

Direction 5

Multifunctional materials based miniaturized antennas, filters, magnetic field sensors, inductors, etc.

Our Team

Group Leader

Nian X. Sun
Professor of ECE, Director of the W.M. Kect Laboratory for Integrated Ferroics,
Northeastern University
His research has been on integrated magnetics and multiferroics for sensing, memory, power, RF and microwave electronics. He has over 200 publications, and more than 20 patents and patent disclosures. One of their papers was selected as “the 10 most outstanding full papers in the past ten years (2001~2010) in Advanced Functional Materials”.

Postdocs and Visiting Scholars

Yuan Gao
Postdoctoral Research Associate
His research interests include novel magnetic, ferroelectric, and multiferroic materials for RF applications, fabrication of high Q integrated tunable inductors and transformers, and integrated thermoelectric devices.
Zhiguang Wang
Postdoc Scientist
His research is directed towards the multiferroic properties of thin films and their application in magnetic field detection and data storage. Neural activity recording using magnetic sensors fabricated by MEMS technique.
Shuiyuan Chen
Visiting Professor of Physics
He comes from College of Physics and Energy, Fujian Normal University. His research interests include magnetic materials, magnetoelectric and multiferroic materials, Photoelectric materials.
Rongdi Guo
Visiting PhD Student
Xiaoling(Amy) Shi
Visiting Research Scientist
I am a scientist at Winchester Technologies, LLC. My research interest includes micro/nanofabrication of nanomaterials and nanoelectronics, microwave absorbing materials and solar cell materials and devices. Also interest in the RF tunable inductors and multiferroic thin film materials and devices.
Yidong Luo
Visiting PhD Student from Tsinghua
Quanming Zhang
Visiting Scientist
Dr. Quanming Zhang’s research interests are on characterization of materials surfaces and interfaces.
Weiwei Ling
Visiting Professor of EE
I come from College of Communication Engineering, Chengdu University of Information Technology. My research interest contains two parts: The one is synthesis, properties investigation, and application of multiferroic materials; The other is design of electronic devices, such as filters, antennas, and sensors based on novel electromagnetic composite materials.
Bo Dai
Visiting Professor of EE
Wei Shi
Visiting Professor of Mechantronics
Hua Su
Visiting Professor of EE
Dong XU
Visiting Professor of MSE

Ph.D. Students

Xinjun Wang
Ph.D Student
Currently working on RF/power inductors and transformers,focus on simulation and inductor design, the fabrication process and testing devices. Also interest in multiferroic materials and applications.
Hwaider Lin
Ph.D Student
His interests are on tunable RF/microwave components, including multiferroic antennas, tunable filters, phase shifters, tunable inductors, etc.
Xianfeng Liang
Ph.D Student
Xianfeng Liang’s research interests are on magnetic materials and piezomagnetic materials. He joined us from Nanjing University.
Huaihao Chen
Ph.D Student
My research is about the fabrication and testing of RF tunable inductor and its application on RF circuits.
Amine Belkessam
Ph.D Student
Amine is coming from the magnetic material unit of the national institute for material sciences at Tsukuba in Japan. He has experience on the development of spintronic devices including magnetic tunnel junctions and spinvalves. He is currently working on the development of spin hall nano oscillators.
Alexei Matyushov
Ph.D Student
I am studying magnetic field sensors that utilize the magnetoelectric effect in composite thin films. These studies include investigation of material properties and parameters influencing sensor performance, with an aim of improving sensitivity and signal to noise ratio. My other interests include spintronics and other novel physical phenomena in materials.
Jason Adams
Ph.D Student
My research focus is primarily on multiferroic microwave magnetic devices and their use within RF communication and radar systems. I am a Raytheon Advanced Studies Scholar.
Shadi Emam
Ph.D Student

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Trevor Oxholm
Undergraduate Research Assistant
He is working on engineering new magnetic material structures to reduce high frequency losses in radio frequency devices. The goal is to find a material that will maximize device efficiency in the low-GHz range for application in the next generation cell phone system.
Melissa Healy
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Simin Zhou
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Kyle Skelton
Undergraduate Research Assistant
His research interests include the fabrication and design of novel applications of multiferroic materials, phase change materials, and energy harvesting technology.

Funding resources



Here is the list of openings in our group:
  •  Graduate research assistants with background on solid state physics, RF/microwave engineering, RF materials and devices, etc.

  • Undergraduate research assistants.

  • Position for visiting professors, faculty on sabbatical leave, etc.

  • Post doctoral scientists with background on RF/microwave materials and device design, RFIC and MMIC design, etc.

Please send your resume (and transcripts, if convenient) if you have the interest, also feel free to drop by to my office at Dana 417 for a chat.

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