Class Materials


* Undergraduate Courses

Applications of Algebra: 00,   02,   05 Quizzes, samples, handouts
Honors Calculus 1 Exams and Mathematica solutions
Integral Calculus Quizzes, samples, solutions
Calculus 2 for Engineers Quizzes
Calculus 3 for Engineers Quizzes, solutions
Probability Exams, samples, and solutions
Ordinary Differential Equations 0813 Homework, handouts, quizzes, exams, and solutions
Group Theory  11 Homework, exams, and solutions
Group Theory  10 Homework, handouts, quizzes, exams, and solutions
Linear Algebra:  9799010506 Exams, samples, solutions, class notes
Topology  060810  Homework, handouts, exams
Rings and Fields Quizzes

* Graduate Courses

Foundations in Mathematics Homework assignments, notebooks
Geometry 1 Homework assignments
Topology 1:  980103050708 Homework assignments, class projects, exams
Topology 2:  9899030405  Homework assignments, exams
Topology 3:  98000309 Homework assignments, Final exams
Topics in Topology:  9800 Homework assignments, course notes
Reading in Topology:  98,   01,   03,   04,   05 Reading lists
Reading in Geometry:  99 Reading lists
Qualifyings Exams in Analysis, Geometry, and Topology

* Back-Links

* Samples

Calculus 4  Sample quiz (translated from TeX source in several different ways)
Differential Equations  Sample exam (answers, from Mathematica notebooks)
Probability  Sample exam (questions and answers, from Mathematica notebook)
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