Classroom Building


June 12-15, 1999, at Northeastern University

  L. Anderson F. Cohen H. Crapo G. Denham
  M. Falk E. Feichtner J. Fulman S. Garoufalidis
  M. Jambu H. Kanarek M. Kapovich T. Kohno
  J. Kung R. Lawrence A. Libgober D. Matei
  M. Oka P. Orlik L. Paris M. Salvetti
  H. Schenck R. Stanley A. Szenes M. Teicher
  H. Terao A. Varchenko S. Yuzvinsky G. Ziegler

The focus of the conference was on arrangements of hyperplanes, and how they relate to a variety of questions arising in combinatorics, topology, algebra, singularities, and other fields.
The conference was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation,
as well as by grants from the Department of Mathematics,
the College of Arts & Sciences, and the Office of the Provost at Northeastern University.

Talks and Abstracts
The conference was held in the Classroom Building (CL). All talks were in room 135CL. There was also a Poster Session on Sunday afternoon, in room 205CL.
Titles of Talks   and   Schedule
The abstracts for the talks and posters were handled by the Atlas of Mathematical Conference Abstracts. Here is the announcement, and here are the abstracts. And here is the complete set of abstracts, in PDF format.

Dan Cohen  (LSU)
David Massey  (Northeastern)
Alex Suciu  (Northeastern)
Here are directions to Northeastern, and a short guide to accommodations in the Boston area.
Free parking for participants is available in any of the Northeastern parking lots.
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