Next Steps

Log 10 hours with either the center for STEM Education or STEMout

  • Check your email for volunteer opportunities and sign-up when you are available

Attend at least 2 volunteer workshops

  • At these workshops we will be running through outreach activities, sharing outreach experiences, and discussing potential new activities and outreach strategies

Get signed off on at least 3 different STEMout/Center for STEM outreach activities

  • Once you feel comfortable with an outreach activity after either a workshop or a volunteer event, email requesting to get the activity checked off

Have a current 51A certification and a self-disclosure form on file with the Center for STEM Education

  • 51A Mandatory Reporter Training and Self-Disclosure forms are required by Northeastern for any student working with minors and must be completed once per year.
  • Once you have completed these items, email them to and cc

Get the current STEMout president to sign-off on your appointment as a Lead Volunteer

  • Once you have met the requirements above, email requesting to get signed off as a lead volunteer. Once we’ve confirmed that you have met the requirements, the president will sign-off on your appointment as a lead volunteer!

Meet the requirements? Show us your interest in becoming a lead volunteer!