SET in the City

SET in the City 04/07/18

On Saturday, April 7th, over 120 young women attended the annual SET in the City at the BU Photonics Center. Organized by the Boston Area Girls’ STEM Collaborative in conjunction with several Boston Colleges and Universities, including Northeastern, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, SET in the City aims to introduce high school girls to the STEM fields. The day consists of speakers, an information bazaar, STEM Panels, and is capped off with visits to various Universities and Vertex. With guidance from The Center for STEM Education, The Northeastern University STEM Outreach Organization (STEMout) and The Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE) played integral roles in the day’s activities. In the Morning, STEMout officers and volunteers led two tabletop activities at the information bazaar: Route Optimization and Paper Towers. During these to activities, students were exposed to industrial and civil engineering concepts.

A group of 16 high school women then came back to Northeastern where GWISE and STEMout members participated in an informal College 101 session with lunch. There was a brief presentation outlining some GWISE members and their contributions to STEM and what they wish they had known when applying to colleges and choosing majors.


Next, the students went to the First-Year Engineering Learning Center in Snell Engineering. Here, they participated in an activity called “Microfluidics- Build your Own Lab on a Chip”. The students injected their chip with colored water to see the “NU” design.