Ajay Rao – President

My name is Ajay Rao and I am the President of STEMout. I’m currently a 4th year Biology Major / Data Science Minor on the pre-med track. I got involved with STEMout my sophomore year and instantly fell in love with the club. My favorite volunteering outreach program is the weekly JP Library program where we teach STEM concepts to kids in the Boston area. Teaching and interacting with these kids every weekend was a very rewarding experience and bonding with them over a new concept they find interesting is incredibly gratifying.

Nathan Strauss – Vice President

Hi everyone! I’m Nathan, the Vice President of STEMout. I started volunteering because I loved the idea of breaking down complex STEM topics into bite-size pieces for young students. Teachers have been incredibly formative in my life-long love of the sciences and I want others to experience the joy that comes with understanding everyday interactions in life – from ice skating to launching spaceships.

Karen Zhu – Secretary

I have been volunteering all throughout high school so I was super excited to join STEMout during my first semester at Northeastern! I then became the club’s Volunteer Coordinator during my second semester. And now as a second year, I am lucky to say that I am the Secretary of STEMout. I am looking forward to seeing STEMout grow and meet new faces along the way! 

Amanda Dee – Fundraising Administrator

“Hello! My name is Amanda Dee, and I am a sophomore majoring in Bioengineering. I have been involved with STEMOut since my first semester at Northeastern, and I am currently the Fundraising Administrator. Outside of science, I play two instruments and perform in musical theater shows.”

George ElMassih – Data Administrator

Hi! My name is George ElMassih, and I’m a second year Computer Science & Mathematics student. Working with StemOUT has helped me engage my passion for spreading education of technology and science, and its been an incredible volunteering experience. I love teaching and working on new activities, and can’t wait to make the club the best it can possibly be!

Liam O’Malley – Volunteer Coordinator

I’m a second-year biochemistry major, and I’m STEMout’s Volunteer Coordinator. I’ve only been in STEMout for a year, but it’s been one of the most enjoyable volunteering clubs I’ve been in. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano and doing crossword puzzles.