Nicole joined the Northeastern Women’s Squash Team in 2014 as a talented incoming first year. She secured the top spot on the Women’s Team immediately, and held onto it (despite some tough battles) through her entire tenure at NU Squash until her final year of play in 2018. Nicole completed her NCAA eligibility in 2018, but was a member of the 6-year physical therapy program so continued her journey at Northeastern as a strong NU squash suporter, attending nearly every Men’s and Women’s match throughout their seasons.

Nicole has always been a very strong player for the Northeastern Women and secured consistent wins for the team at the top spot on the roster. She began serving the team in an executive capacity in her second year, and was elected President beginning in her third year – a position she held through her Team matriculation in 2018. She has been inducted into the Northeastern Squash Hall of Fame in 2018 due to her strong leadership throughout her time on the Team. She always helped her teammates improve their games and consistently was a present managing practices. In addition, as President, Nicole made strides in the organizational duties of the role that had not been seen from any recent leaders. Her impact as the team leader far exceeded what was expected of her in the Presidential role, and the changes she implemented can still be recognized today.