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The boys took on the MIT Squash Team (currently ranked 21st in the nation) this Thursday (9th November) at MIT. The Huskies were outclassed by their much better opponents 9-0. However, the team has been improving and there were some close matches.

In particular the captain of the Huskies squash team Dan Blohm playing at the number 1 position, showed a lot of grit and effort on court but could not get the win in his nail biting five setter. He definitely inspired the team with his sheer effort on the court leaving everything out there.

Both the women’s and men’s squash team will be playing against Boston College tomorrow (14th November) at home. It should be a very close match and the the huskies are going to try their best to come out with a win. The match is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m


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