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Feb 15
NEU vs. Boston College (28): 3-6 Loss

Feb 16
NEU vs. Johns Hopkins University (30): 3-6 Loss

Feb 17
NEU vs. Vassar College (31): 2-7 Loss


The women’s team recently traveled to Yale University to play in the Women’s 2013 National Championships. After having just beat Tufts University a week before, the women earned themselves a spot in the D bracket for the first time in recent club history. While ranked last going into their bracket, the women still played in a very competitive group of matches. Their first match was against Boston College, who they had previously lost to 1-8 early in the season. A closer battle this time around, the women snatched victories at numbers 5, 3, and 1. Kitty Cheung came back from 0-2 down to take her #3 match in five games, while Jenny Janeck took her match in three games and Amanda Georgescu closed her match our in four. Despite being up 2-1 at #4, senior Carly Evans was unable to close out her match and lost in five games. The final score was 3-6 which put the Huskies into the consolation bracket.

Saturday’s match was against Johns Hopkins University, where the women looked to challenge yet another tough team in their bracket. With two four-game victories at the 1 and 3 spots and a default at #9, the Huskies had a real shot a victory with the #2 and #7 matches both looking to be close decisions. Despite their best efforts though, the women dropped the #2 and #7 matches in four. The rest of the matches were decided in three games, leaving the final dual-match score at 3-6.

Sunday’s match versus Vassar College was a playoff for the 31/32 spot in the country. Continuing their dominant play over the weekend, #1 Jenny Janeck and #3 Kitty Cheung wrapped up both their matches in four games, getting the three-peat victory for the Huskies. Again, close matches developed at the #2 and #7 spots, but the Huskies just could not work up the steam to overcome a tough Vassar squad. The final score was 2-7, placing the women where they entered the weekend, as the #32 women’s team in the country, a very respectable finish to a tough season marked with injuries and sickness.

Check the links above for complete scores over the weekend and check out some of the great photography from the weekend, taken by the Bellos for the CSA.

Look for the men’s nationals recap in the coming days!