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Results (Men):

Jan 12-13
NEU vs. Conn College (26): 0-9 Loss
NEU vs. Bowdoin College (20): 0-9 Loss
NEU vs. Colby College (19): 0-9 Loss

Jan 19th
NEU vs. Haverford College (42): 2-7 Loss
NEU vs. Wesleyan University (24): 0-9 Loss

Results (Women):

Jan 12-13
NEU vs. Conn College (28): 1-8 Loss
NEU vs. Bowdoin College (20): 0-9 Loss
NEU vs. Colby College (21): 0-9 Loss

Jan 19th
NEU vs. Haverford College (34): 5-4 WIN
NEU vs. Smith College (35): 6-2 WIN
NEU vs. Wesleyan (17): 0-9 Loss

The Northeastern men & women’s teams have had a very busy past two weekends. After the first week back from winter break, both teams travelled nearby to MIT to host Connecticut College as part of a Boston Round Robin event. Conn College blanked the men’s team with nine 3-0 victories, while the women’s #1 Jenny Janeck took her match in a quick three games and was the only NU player to win their match. #8 Sarah Ganley played five great games, but couldn’t close it out. The final score was 1-8. The next day, the men and women travelled to Maine for their first away trip of the season to play two of their toughest opponents this season – Bowdoin and Colby Colleges. For the men, a standout performance came from freshman #5 Baxter Wathen who took a game off both of his Bowdoin and Colby opponents – a feat none of the other Huskies were able to perform. Baxter joined the team this spring after a semester abroad and is building his game back up to that  of his exceptional play in the US junior rankings. The women, down to seven players due to injury and sickness, played very hard against their opponents, but dropped both their matches 0-9. #1 Jenny Janeck was, however, able to take an exciting game off of her Bowdoin opponenent.

This past weekend, the Huskies travelled up to Amherst College to participate in the Pioneer Valley Invitational. The men came into the weekend very eager to test their mettle against Haverford College who is currently only three spots above them in the national rankings. Unfortunately, due to injuries at #2 and #5 and sickness at #6, the Huskies played at a severe disadvantage in their matches. While the play started off strong with a heated 3-1 victory at #4 by junior co-captain Keith Sproat and an intense five-game match at #2 by junior co-captain Stan Berenshtein, the Huskies had serious difficulties lower in their ladder as the matches at the 5-10 spots all went to Haverford 3-0. #3 sophomore Greg Berson played an entertaining match and racked up a 3-0 win versus his opponent. The Huskies #1 DJ Brinkworth had an up-and-down match but eventually fell 1-3, leaving the final match score at 2-7. Later that night, the men played a very strong Wesleyan University team who had just recently broke the top 25 teams in the nation. While some good squash was played all around, the Cardinals made short work of the Huskies who went down 9-0 in the dual-match.

The women took on Haverford College alongside the men, looking forward to the possibility of moving up in the rankings as well as Haverford was only two spots above them prior to the match. While the women were missing two players and had to forfeit the #9 match, play started off very strong with #4 senior co-captain Olivia Simone who took down her opponent in four games, winning the last in a heated 16-14 overtime victory. #4 Amanda Georgescu battled back from an 0-2 deficit to win her match after a 14-12 and 13-11 final two games in an amazing display of heart and perseverance. Amanda’s victory spurred the Huskies to take the #1, #3, and #7 matches in three quick games each. The final score against Haverford was 5-4 for the women, securing them their first team win of the season and moving them up two spots in the national rankings! The Huskies immediately hopped in the van at the end of their match and travelled to nearby Smith College where they looked to continue their success. The women again set a very strong starting tone and continued their play of excellent squash, grabbing victories at all but the #2 and #4 spots. Freshman #5 Hailie Joo had a very exciting 3-1 victory where two of the games went 12-10. Sophomore #1 Jenny Janeck came back from an 0-2 deficit in her match against a very technical opponent to win 3-2, including a 12-10 fourth game. The final score versus Smith was 6-2. After, the women returned to Amherst College to take on Wesleyan University with the men’s team. While there was certainly some intense and competitive squash at the top of the ladder, the depth and experience of the Wesleyan team showed through as they swept the Huskies 9-0.

Next weekend both teams travel to Hamilton College for yet another busy weekend!


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