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Results (Men):

NEU v. University of California: Berkeley (40): 2-7 Loss
NEU v. Bryant University (57): 4-5 Loss
NEU v. Boston College (34): 4-5 Loss

The Northeastern Men had another busy weekend of matches in Boston. On Saturday morning, the Huskies travelled to MIT to play a visiting University California at Berkeley. UC Berkeley was an emerging team last year and has made great strides in their program through the off-season and has been jumping up ranks at an amazing pace since the end of last year. The Bears’ great improvement showed through their 7-2 win over the Huskies, who were missing their #2 and #3 players due to injury. Matches of note included: #3 co-captain Keith Sproat and #4 freshman Louie Sitwell who took the two victories in five and four games, respectively. #6 Alex Scott-Barrett also went to five games, but lost in a nailbiter after going up 2-1.

The Huskies travelled back to their home NU courts to take on a visiting Bryant University who they had beaten 7-2 earlier in the season. Unfortunately, due to the injuries at the top of the squad, the Huskies lost the match to a significantly lower ranked Bryant by a score of 4-5. Wins came at #s 3,4,5 and 7. Numbers 4, 5, and 6 (Louie, Phil, Daniel) took three easy games off their opponents. #3 Keith won in four games. #6 Alex and #9 Brandon both went to five close games but could not pull off the elusive fifth game win which led the Huskies to their 4-5 first-ever defeat to Bryant.

On Sunday morning, the Huskies took on a higher-ranked Boston College with the return of their #2 and #3 players, Ahmed Sajjad and Greg Berson, and had their full line-up on court for the first time since their first match in October. The Huskies fought a very tough match, ultimately losing 4-5 to an impressive BC team. Wins came at numbers 2-5, with quick three-game wins from co-captain Stan Berenshtein, sophomore Ahmed Sajjad, and middler Greg Berson. #5 Keith Sproat won in a tight five-gamer. #1 DJ Brinkworth and #7 Phil Huntley both took a game off of their tough opponents.

The Husky men have one last match before the break against Amherst and look to take valuable experience away from this tough weekend.

Results (Women):

NEU v. Boston College (22): 1-8 Loss

The women’s team fought alongside the men’s against Boston College on Saturday. The women, again challenging many spots above them, fought a tough match but lost 1-8. #1 sophomore Jenny Janeck took an impressive five-game win, while #3 senior co-captain Carly Evans and #4 junior Amanda Georgescu both took a game off their opponents. The women’s team will play alongside the men again this coming Saturday at MIT vs. Ahmerst.