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Amidst Thanksgiving break, as all of our players return home for the holidays, we take some time to recap the recent matches played over the past weekend:

Results (Men):

NEU v. Boston University (34): 3-6 Loss
NEU v. Colby College (18): 0-9 Loss
NEU v. Middlebury College (14): 0-9 Loss
NEU v. University of Vermont (50): 9-0 WIN

The men competed in another blockbuster weekend of matches and came out with a 1-3 record to go 3-4 on the season. In a repeat of this season’s earlier matchup, the Huskies lost 3-6 to Boston University on Friday with wins coming at the 2-4 spots. A convincing performance came from co-captain Stan Berenshtein at #3, winning his match in 4 quick, decisive games. #2 Greg Berson and #3 co-captain Keith Sproat battled it out for wins in 5-game matches. #1 DJ Brinkworth took one game of his opponent, but lost in four. The 5-10 spots lost in three.
On Saturday morning, the Huskies competed against Colby College. The team went 0-9 in the dual match, with 0-3 losses at each of the ten spots. #2 Greg Berson took his opponent to 10-12 in the first, but that was the closest any of the Huskies came to taking a match off the #18 team in the country. Later on Saturday, the Huskies competed against Middlebury College at MIT University across the Charles. Also losing this dual-match 0-9, the Huskies fought the good fight against their highest-ranked opponent of the year.
On Sunday morning, the Huskies took on a travelling University of Vermont and displayed their poise and control in a 9-0 sweep. Standout performances came from #1 DJ, #3 Stan, #4 Keith, and #6 Phil who all held their opponents to 15 points or less. The exhibition match also went 3-0 to NU. #7 Alex also pulled a win from a close five-gamer after going down 1-2.

Overall, the Huskies will be taking a few lessons away from this weekend and are looking forward to getting back on court between Thanksgiving break and winter break when they face Bard College, UC Berkeley, and Amherst College.

Results (Women):

NEU v. Colby College (21): 0-9 Loss
NEU v. Middlebury College (11): 0-9 Loss

The women had another tough weekend of matches against higher-ranked opponents. The women played Colby College alongside the men and also lost 0-9 in the dual-match. Playing at #4, co-captain Carly Evans was able to take a game off of her very tough opponent. The women played Middlebury along with the men and also lost 0-9 in the dual-match. The women were not able to take any games off Middlebury, nor were the men.
The women look forward to a match against Ahmerst College at MIT before the winter break.


Go Huskies!