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Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Society of Rheoloy

The mission of the Society of Rheology:

“to expand the knowledge and practice of rheology through education, partnership and collaboration with associated fields, industries, and organizations, as well as to disseminate to diverse communities what rheology is, and how it impacts humanity and the world.”

Our Values:

“We are committed to advancement and promotion of the rheological sciences and practice of rheology broadly across diverse groups of individuals, disciplines and industries.” 

“Rheology is pervasive throughout science and engineering practice, yet there is anecdotal evidence that the Society of Rheology’s membership may not reflect the diversity of those who practice this discipline. In order to better meet our mission to promote the science and practice of rheology, we are working with the American Institute of Physics (AIP) to:

1) quantify the diversity (multivariate) of our membership;

2) identify how the society can better serve the rheology community more broadly, and;

3) improve diversity and inclusion in part by growing our membership through programs targeting students and early career rheologists as well as improving existing Society of Rheology (SoR) programs and practices”