6 ICCV Papers Accepted!

Out of 11 ICCV paper submissions this year, 6 were accepted!!! Great job and congratulations to all authors:

Yulun(737), Kunpeng(2717, 4211) , Joe(3137), Lichen(3326), Kai(5378)


CVPR 2019 – Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures: Best Paper Award

Accurate 3D Face Reconstruction with Weakly-Supervised Learning: From Single Image to Image“is hereby recognized as this as the best work in terms of performance and presentation. Congratulations to the authors: Yu Deng, Jiaolong Yang, Sicheng Xu, Dong Chen, Yunde Jia, Xin Tong!


IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems Paper Accepted for Publication!

Deep Decision Tree Transfer Boosting” by Jiang, Shuhui ; Mao, Haiyi; Ding, Zhengming ; Fu, Yun, has now received final approval for publication.


2 FG papers accepted!


Chengyao Zheng, Siyu Xia, Ming Shao, and Yun Fu, “Fast Facial Image Analogy with Spatial Guidance,” IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG), 2019.

Songyao Jiang, Zhiqiang Tao, and Yun Fu, “Segmentation Guided Image-to-Image Translation with Adversarial Networks,” IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG), 2019.


More Papers Accepted!

We have 2 IJCAI 2018 papers, 1 IEEE Transactions on PAMI, 1 IEEE Transactions on KDE papers accepted!


4 Accepted papers!

We have 2 CVPR 2018 papers, 2 FG 2018 papers accepted!


5 Papers AAAI- 50% acceptance from SMILE Lab

Congratulations to Kai Li(2), Lichen Wang(1), Jun Li(1), Yu Kong(1), Allan Ding(3), Sheng Li(2), Hongfu Liu(1), and Bin Sun(1) for your success!


Paper Accepted

Congratulations to Hongfu Liu and Zhiqiang Tao for their paper on “Partition Level Constrained Clustering”!


Paper Accepted

Congratulations to Shuyang Wang and Allan Ding for their TIP paper “Marginalized Denoising Dictionary Learning with Locality Contstraint”!