Slavov lab | Quantitative Biology
Seeking  principles
in the coordination among protein synthesis, metabolism, cell growth and differentiation
Nikolai Slavov

2010   Ph.D.   Botstein Lab, Princeton University
2004   B.S.     Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Professor Slavov
David H. Perlman

2004   Ph.D.    Boston University School of Medicine

Anne Schide

2016   B.S.    Brandeis University

Harrison Specht

2014   B.A.    Cornell University
Tianchi Chen

2015   M.S.    Boston University

Aleksandra Petelski

2016   M.S.    Stevens Institute of Technology

Ezra Levy

undergraduate    Northeastern University
Albert Chen

undergraduate    Northeastern University
Aanie Phillips

undergraduate    Northeastern University
Ryan Posey

undergraduate    Northeastern University
Guillaume Harmange

undergraduate    Northeastern University
Bogdan Budnik

2002   Ph.D.    University of Southern Denmark
Prospective applicant
  • You seek conceptual ideas, enjoy discussing them and testing them rigorously
  • You are interested in experimental biology and have or want to develop quantitative skills
  • You want to develop and apply algorithms for data analysis, machine learning and statistical inference
  • You want to learn (or have experience with) tissue culture and basic molecular biology techniques
  • You are creative and enjoy working collaboratively
  • You have good communication skills

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For questions or application, email Nikolai Slavov.
To apply, include your CV, a cover letter and the names of potential references.