I am an assistant professor (B.S. ’07, M.S. ’10, Ph.D. ’13) at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Northeastern University. In the past, I also held visiting associate and post-doctoral positions at Caltech’s Devision of Engineering and Applied Science (EAS).

I received my Ph.D. degree (advisor: Jessy Grizzle) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2013. My Ph.D. thesis was focused on nonlinear feedback design for underactuated bipedal robots.

Currently, my research interests are: design and development of robots with nontrivial morphologies; analysis and closed-loop feedback design of nonlinear systems; robot locomotion (legged & fluidic-based); robotics-inspired biology.



Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University


University of Michigan – Ann Arbor