Fall 2021 Virtual EXPO Coming Soon!

The Spring 2021 Virtual EXPO is now! Check out all the digital artifacts today!

This site hosts digital artifacts from each semester. Digital Artifacts showcase the collaborations happening between faculty members, community partners, Service-Learning (S-L) students, and S-L student leaders. The Virtual EXPO is meant to provide a space so these collaborations can be documented and shared, even after the semester is over. Service-Learning at Northeastern truly treasures each of our partnerships and hopes that the creation of the Virtual EXPO will encourage and make it easier for our S-L students to reflect and share their experiences.

We encourage you to take a look through the site and explore what has been created to represent the partnerships of each semester. On the sidebar, filter this page by Spring 2021 or click over to the “Digital Artifacts” tab to view all the artifacts from the Fall semester, use the hidden side bar to search or view categories, or use the filter feature on the side to look for specific partners, courses, or past semesters!