Student Voices

Why and how should you get involved in social entrepreneurship at Northeastern? Hear from students just like you!

“Social enterprise turned out to be one of the most surprising and positive experiences of my first semester in college. My eyes were opened to the powers of business available to address many of the problems facing the world’s poor. Social enterprise combines innovative thinking with the desire to effect change and is applicable to all students. After taking the class, I aspire to be a part of that change.”
— Nicole Ganci

“Social Entrepreneurship has changed the way I see the business world, the developing world, and my future. It has opened my mind to so many opportunities that I never knew were possible. I am excited about the prospect of working hard with passionate individuals to develop something that has a positive social impact that is greater than ourselves. Social Entrepreneurship requires passionate individuals from various backgrounds. It is necessary to have people with different ideas and experiences collaborating in order to have the greatest possible impact. If you want to give it your all and devote most of your time to SEISA, then I could not recommend it enough! However, if your schedule doesn’t permit this, but you are still interested, commit to small acts for now and you can always expand your role later down the road. If this is something that you are even somewhat passionate about, give it a try! We love working with new members that bring a unique set of skills and ideas to the table! SEISA works to impact others, but it ultimately has an even bigger impact on its members.”
— Merlinda Xharda

“What makes me most excited about social entrepreneurship its ability to inflict positive change in a lasting and sustainable way. The projects being coordinated by SEI are designed to enable the community at hand and create a lasting impact for decades to come. The school of thought behind social enterprise is much more than a forward thinking mentality for businesses. It’s an ideology that encourages everyone to think outside of themselves and make an impact! How to get involved? In the wise words of Shia Lebouf, JUST DO IT. No seriously, get involved in whatever way you can. There are plenty of low commitment opportunities to give back to our local community or get involved with a globally facing project.”
— Bobby Davin

“What makes me most excited about social entrepreneurship is Its ability to leverage the world’s most powerful forces in moving capital and resources for social good. It’s practices will be the ones that end global poverty and suffering. It’s a systematic and sustainable framework for addressing the world’s biggest problems. Weather or not we study business, we’re a part of the system. Understanding how each of our actions contribute to the larger structural marginalization of people and how we can best address those is valuable, regardless of what one is studying. If you want to get involved with SEISA, It will change your perspective on how you chose to expend your energy, time, resources to. Get involved.”
— Neel Desai

“Social entrepreneurship gives students a framework to understand that good business and social good are not mutually exclusive, which opens up a lot of exciting opportunities! There are problems to be solved in every field! Social enterprise is all about learning how to solve these problems in ways that help individuals and communities flourish. SEISA students know that the work they’re doing makes a difference, and they’re always happy to bring more people onboard! Business acumen is not a requirement, but a passion for listening and collaborating is key. Drop by a meeting or send SEISA an email to get connected.”
— Shannon Gillie

“Some of my favorite experiences at Northeastern have been as a teaching assistant for SEI (South Africa and Boston) and for the Social Impact Lab (Boston), when I worked to make sure new students could get inspired to solve social problems in the same way that I was inspired as a student. What excites me most about social entrepreneurship is that it offers us the opportunity to make positive change without sacrificing progress that has already been made by previous generations in healthcare provision, labor laws, intellectual property laws, etc. Social entrepreneurship is one way of improving current social systems without having to start from scratch. To non-business students and students thinking of getting involved with SEISA, I would say that I gained more critical thinking and problem solving skills from studying social entrepreneurship and working with SEI than I have from any other place.”
— Alex Vipond

“What makes me so excited about social entrepreneurship? I want to be Dr. V! Standardizing forms of medicine and making it more accessible to those who need it most (and cannot afford it) is extremely exciting. The field study in Cape Town changed my life. It’s an extremely valuable experience in that you’re constantly surrounded by others committed to promoting sustainable social causes. Both your fellow students and people you meet along the way are truly inspirational.”
— Rain Thomas

“My involvement with SEISA started with taking the class Social Global Entrepreneurship with Prof. Shaughnessey. It has inspired me to rethink about the scale of social impacts that businesses can generate. The relevance of social entrepreneurship reaches far beyond businesses, it has the potential to be the answer for some of today’s most pressing development issues. During Spring Break, I’ll be travelling to Jamaica to study the impacts made by a local social enterprise. If you’re passionate about social change, SEI is a great way to get involved!”
— Connie Dayina

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