Classical Binary Numbers Magic Trick

Teaching about Bases: Base 2: Recall Base 10: Base -2; Used in CS - how are negative numbers represented in Base 2; Base -1+i; Base 3: go to 21 card trick and 27 card trick.

Think of a number between 1 and 64.
Look at the following cards.
Which ones are your number on.

Here is a classical Binary Numbers Trick
     To identify the chosen number

There is an explanation

There is a non classical Fibonacci Version

It is mentioned that it can be done for Prime Numbers
... can you make the cards ...,.

A Different Trick Using Binary Numbers This is similar to the Classical 21-Card Trick. This is video done by some of Ryan Aves's students.
The Complex Number -1+i
      works as a Base
      for the Gaussian Integers

This can be used to get
      A Fractal Shape
      that tiles the plane.