Team Members

A-Andrew D Jones, III
Principal Investigator

The SEE Lab is run by Akhenaton-Andrew Dhafir Jones, III an Assistant Professor in the Chemical Engineering (ChE) Department at Northeastern University. Dr. Jones seeks to help us understand and live with the natural environment studying biological systems under engineered constraints. This includes experimental analysis of bacteria’s form and function when we try to remove them. This also includes systems engineering analysis to discover characteristics of innovations that solve more problems than they create. Prior to joining the faculty, he was a Provost’s Future Faculty Fellow working with Carlos Hidrovo-Chavez in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering contributing to modeling costs and behavior of desalination tools and working with Thomas J. Webster in Chemical Engineering rapidly predicting bacteria’s resistance to nanomedicine using machine learning.Dr. Jones is an avid teacher and educator, having tutored or taught since the 6th grade, as well as mentoring high school students in research. He has received over 20 academic awards, including Montana State University Center for Biofilm Engineering’s Young Investigator Award and a Sloan Scholar Award from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. He has presented at over 20 conferences and invited seminars on topics from mathematical modeling biofilms to policy impacts of technological development.  He received his PhD, MS, and BS in mechanical engineering and a BS in mathematics from MIT with a focus on transport phenomena. Prior to MIT he spent 3.5 years at Florida A&M University on the President’s Distinguished Scholar Award.

Joshua Prince
PhD Student

Joshua is a first-year PhD student in the Chemical Engineering department.  He did his undergraduate study in chemical engineering at the University of Minnesota.  His undergraduate research spanned from solid-state ammonia absorption technology to oral-solid dosage form dissolution kinetics, with experience in both academic and industrial labs.  His research project consists of understanding the effects of shear stress and surface tension in the accumulation of nanoparticles in biofilms. He will also do policy research into how best to regulate nanoparticle waste from medical devices. 

Curriculum vitae
Jiangshan Zhou
MS Chemical Engineering Student
Slater Payne

Slater Regan Aaron Payne is a recent graduate of Beloit College having earned a bachelor of science inEcology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology and bachelor of arts in Russian Language and Culture. His interests in ecological epidemiology grew from his experience taking classes related to public health and ecology as a freshman and sophomore. This interest further developed when he studied abroad at Irkutsk State University in the Russian Federation. There he learned about how environmental issues like climate change, pollution, and overfishing are affecting local flora and fauna of Lake Baikal and how those affects to the local environment may indirectly affected the surrounding human settlements, as well as becoming proficient in Russian. Following his time in Russia, he presented his findings at 2018 National Technical Association Conference at Hampton University and again at the Annual Student Symposium at Beloit College. Before graduating, Slater also wrote a paper for the Beloit College Journal of Ecology on the effects of urbanization on local waterways. After graduating he took part in the Partnership Education Program at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. While there he worked at the Marine Policy center where he researched the Soviet fisheries and what lead them to fish in the mesopelagic zone, a current area of interest for modern aquaculture industries. Currently, Slater is working on finishing a paper about his research from over the summer, doing research on potential ways to use bioremediation to control infectious diseases, and working part time at a local bike shop. Slater is working towards a career in the medical field and international politics in order to better treat infectious diseases. If he’s not reading papers, editing his paper, or working on bikes, Slater enjoys bouldering, biking, cooking, hiking with his dog Dunkin, or reading.

Curriculum Vitae
Ololade Bishi
BS Chemical Engineering Student

Ololade Bishi is a junior at Northeastern University where she is majoring in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Global Fashion Studies. Her interest in this major stemmed from her love of beauty cosmetics. Since she was a child, she has always been inquisitive of the chemistry behind creating said products. Her minor is as a result of her love for fashion, and she is continuously looking to merge both worlds.

Ololade has worked as an Upstream Process development Co-op at a biotech company, where she learned more about gene therapy and cell culture practices. In her freshman year, she volunteered as a research assistant in a Mechanical Engineering Laboratory where she helped in building a self-folding robotic arm that lifts objects. She is currently working in a research laboratory dedicated to improving biofilms in water filtration systems. Because of her yearning to learn, Ololade has accrued a diverse range of experiences and is looking to contribute her skills in places where she would be valued.

Catherine Eng
BS Bioengineering

Catherine Eng is a first-year candidate for a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering from Northeastern University. She graduated from high school as a National Merit Scholar. In the future, she plans on a concentration in medical devices and has career goals of developing new tools used in surgery or creating innovative prosthetics. She has grown up hearing about her father’s job as a civil engineer, which was her inspiration for entering the engineering field. She currently holds a job as an office assistant on her campus, and in her free time enjoys reading and running.

Adewunmi Ade-Oyetayo
Team Lead, BS Chemical Engineering

Adewunmi Ade-Oyetayo is in her second year at Northeastern University where she is studying chemical engineering with a minor in Spanish. Her interest in engineering began after she was exposed to different engineering professions during a summer science program at the University of Pennsylvania in 2017 where she learned about different applications of engineering. After a study abroad experience to Spain during the summer of 2019, she became enthralled by spanish culture and chose to declare a Spanish minor. Adewunmi aspires to pursue a career where she can apply her chemical engineering knowledge to the medical field. When she is not busy studying or working on her research, Adewunmi enjoys reading as well as photography.

Valencia Pranata
Team Lead, BS Chemical Engineering

Valencia Pranata is a candidate for the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and minor in Mathematics at Northeastern University. Her interest to engineering and engaging to the environment started as she saw the negative impacts of one of the world’s most polluted river in her hometown Bandung, Indonesia. During the summer, she interned at PT. Indolakto where she obtained lab skills to process yoghurt and milk. In the future, she plans on focusing her careers on energy storage and renewable energy. Valencia also has an interest in architecture and enjoys watching movies and eating food from different cuisines.

Dan Tento
BS Chemical Engineering