RASC-AL 2022

Team Members

  • Lindsay Riggs – Team Lead – riggs.l@northeastern.edu
  • Aidan Tillman (Storage Lead)
  • Andrew Han (Acquisition)
  • Cam Castonguay (Production + Storage)
  • Eddie Berman (Acquisition)
  • Javier Coindreau (Transportation)
  • Lee Milburn (Transportation Lead)
  • Matt Longtin (Production Lead + Storage)
  • Meghan Gallagher (Acquisition Lead)
  • Ryan Norris (Transportation)
  • Spencer Karrat (Transportation)
  • Harrison Burke (Transportation + Storage)


The 2022 Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) Competition invites undergraduate and graduate teams to “develop new concepts that leverage innovation to improve our ability to operate on the moon, Mars, and beyond.” There are 4 themes for the 2022 competition and our team chose to develop an architecture for mining water on Mars, converting it into propellant, and storing it for a year. Northeastern’s interdisciplinary team is made up of 11 undergraduate students developing a program currently codenamed Legion. This system will utilize Rodriguez wells to acquire water from subsurface reserves, a robotic swarm to transport the acquired water to a central processing center that will then convert the water into fuel and oxidizer. 50 t of the propellant will then be stored cryogenically in two tanks for a year. Our team will submit a proposal on March 1st and if selected will continue on to write a research paper and design a prototype for part of our system.