Mars Ice Challenge

Team Lead: Sam Hibberd –

The Mars Ice Challenge is a competition hosted by the National Institute of Aerospace and the to find student teams from across the United States who will develop a system capable of collecting water from underground ice deposits on Mars. The challenge provides a simulated Martian test bed of overburden and Ice for teams to present their systems on.  There are three consecutive years of this challenge from 2017 to 2019. Each year the design constraints of the challenge change slightly and 10 new teams are given the opportunity to compete. Our Northeastern team submitted proposals all 3 years and was awarded the $10,000 funding to compete in 2018, 2019, and 2020. So far, we have traveled to present our system at the NASA Langley airforce base in 2018 and was awarded first place for collecting the most water. In 2019, we won best technical paper, but didn’t win overall. Now we are back for the 2020 competition happening in June at Langley, hopefully to take home the final win.

Northeastern University Probing Regolith and Ice-Extracting System for Mars and the Moon (NU-PRISMM)

Prospecting Underground Distilling Liquid Extractor (PUDLE)

Planetary Articulating Water Extraction System (PAWES)