ADORE Sat (SEDS CubeSat)

Team Lead: Tim Kuzmenkov –

We are working with students from Tufts and MIT to build a small satellite in the form factor of a CubeSat which will eventually be deployed in an orbit around Earth. Collaborating between the universities lets us share resources and expand the pool of available expertise. The goal of the project is to use this vehicle as a testbed for electrospray thrusters in attitude and altitude control modes. These thrusters accelerate an ionic liquid electrostatically creating a highly efficient method of propulsion. As a part of the process of designing the spacecraft, a test system nicknamed “TrashSat” is currently under development. This is a platform designed to be as cheap as possible to allow for extensive iteration and improvement without fear of bricking space grade hardware. It also allows for students to get hands-on experience in the design of different subsystems.

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